About Us

We are a couple that lives in the south west of Sydney. We have the fortune to work in something that we are passionate about. I, Daniel have a quite background as I have always been passionate about crafts but I was too busy with other achievements that I could not accomplish my art spirit, on the other hand, my wife is a dedicated teacher who is the one to verify that your product is up to her high standards (and trust me, they are really high).

That is us. Parents who want to share our ideas or tell us your ideas and make them true.

We look forward to make your ideas come true.

CraftyRoo Team.

Custom items

Most of our items are customised, we make sure you get what you order. We frequently show you how your design is going and if you are happy with it. We work along with you to give you a perfect product just for you.


Our items need to be treat it with care. Some of our products are design as educational learning tools for children, however we recommend to always supervise your child when handling the items.

Products will come with instructions and recommendations if need it.